Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All dragons are lame but mine

Read a cool folk tale about a dragon so huge it tries to eat the sun or moon from time to time named Alklha. Quite inspiring and thanks to this really keen image done by Tracy Swangler I was inspired to do one of my own- and then turn it into a logo to mock myself relentlessly –read on this will be explained. Normally, I try to avoid dragons because they are completely overdone in pop-culture, especially fantasy art circles. The truth behind their symbolic value is far more fascinating to me than any dragon depiction ever made but T.S. Easley and Todd Lockwood get really close. Normally dragons are cast as the anthropomorphation of a global or celestial forces so huge and the beyond [ancient] human comprehension. Like ultimate creation (Sumerian, Babylonian)Ultimate Destruction (Zoroastrian, Persian) first earthly manifestation of evil (Christian)natural boons and disasters (Chinese Japanese) and the list goes on and on. Anyway my personal favorite meaning is of western origin particular of Nordic Celtic where dragons are guardians of wisdom and knowledge. I could go on for hours about this stuff and end up writing a lengthy paper on the rapid corruption of the dragons symbolic meaning. Clearly it was an ancient cliché LONG before it was modern one and like immortal combat one is overbearing, two is a crowd and three is a recipe for disaster.

Not quite done with the destroying angel, perhaps later tonight.

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