Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stuff man, Stuff

Okay, mostly prep work today. Did a few random sketches to loosen up a little bit but besides that I've been preparing to work on a piece for a shape shifting character named Chance. I find that shape shifters present a unique challenge in conveying the idea that they have more than one form. And yes I've thought about having her in mid transformation but I've seen seasoned illustrators with far greater ability than me fall flat on their face trying that one so I've opted, as usual for a more subtle approach involving stone idols similar to votive figures of Mesopotamia to tell that part of the story. I want lots of shadows and maybe place it in a desert in a circle of standing stones not only are megaliths fucking cool but are excellent devices to portray her Fae lineage and extra primordial to boot. Harkening back to the college days here with black,grey,white red. Use to do sketches like that becuase I admired a romanitic painter so much I think his name was Gatto, he was supposedly the greatest draftsmen of the time. He was able to draw anything and anyone while maintaining supreme economy with his marks. Meaning each and every mark he put on the paper was pefectly placed and achived what many marks could not. I know it sounds pendantic but to us artists and draftsmen this is the stuff of legends.  And there is that story. Oh,yeah here are the first 3 of 7 fuax votive figures.

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