Saturday, December 20, 2008

Found an old one

 Runnen through my old images found a cool character concept: Far flung in the future Sideek, assassin for a secret society based on Titan. Her and her AI master Radloft are tasked with hunting down and returning a rhoge AI program embedded in the protaganists brain. This was a comic I was working on long time ago and other things got in the way. I should probably start doing a little more of it agian. Oh yeah, thats a Vibro Katana she's holding. Perhaps as geeky as a mono Katana....(for those unversed in Cyberpunk esoteria mono=honed to an egde of a single molocule. Similar to obsidian an igneous rock usally found..... I'm rambaling agian.) The one above Sideek is another one for my pleasure: SPACE BATTLE, is what I's calls it.  


This is one of the most amazing articles I have read in sometime. (Huge fan of the Detriot photos by the way).All about abandoned cities. Check it out!!

My faith rewarded

Nobody really knows but I love tea and everybody talks about how good it is for the body and spirit blah blah. and my faith in science has rewarded me again! Just check out this article all about tea!Also, to defend coffee I drink coffee for its copious amounts of caffeine. Its the only way I can wrestle my way outta bed.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Old Hate...

I'd love to describe the unplesantness between Gays and Christians but it would take entirely to many profanites and far to much of my time. I'm already a white male, nongay,unchristian fucker registered as an independent. As far as I'm concerned the entire world is against me. Eat Dicks, peace. See you in the first circle.  Oh yeah here's some art.

Old work

HA HA! its time for an old art work post. Don't look back it's the ROBO ATTACK!! For those confused this robot is blasting through a mural of flowing plains and prancing horses. I wanted something that would give off the air of freedom, something untamed.. with a robot blowing subjecting it to its personal laws of android behavior. It has been surmised by others that the robots blew a hole in the dimesional wall and are invade a new plane to suplant all flehslings and find new resources. Although that is a really wicked idea it wasn't what I was thinking about at the time....  really I was just trying to be funny heh heh ehhhh heh                  ..later

Blue Heron

Did this one for my Grand father. Turned 91 about a month ago. He's always wanted a painting done by me. He asked specifically for a Great Blue Heron so I did one in my own little way like I usually do rife with subtle symbols that perhaps mean nothing alone but cast a spell when combined. Enjoy

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Saythos.. the lizard man

Geniuses all of em

Thinking about shit.... dusted off my old Magic cards. Think I'll see them since I need a little extra money ended up being curious about what Wizards were doing now a days. They have one incredible site, beautiful work, free webcomic and really kick-ass if slightly archtypeal characters. Visual though...astonishing. This being their "PlanesWalker" idea in some shattered plane of existence in some remote corner of the astral void I suppose. Got to see some more of Aleksi Briclot's my favorite artist of all time, he frick'en stellar. His work gets better every time I see it. Recently saw some work of his.. looked like he was influenced a little by Scott M. Fisher or Jon Foster. One of'em. Foster and Fisher both have this knack to weave super strong or super bright elements into there compositions dam hard thing to do and not readily notice it. Its like all these rules of aesthetics and structure are all so apparent in other artists works but these 2 guys lay it down and hide it so everything fits together like a masterwork violin. "Rule bending" is what I call it. These guys are pros at it. I try to recreate it in my own work with limited success. Any way my point was Aleksi's work seems to have been leaning in that direction recently. Kudos to him he's a friggen bad ass when it comes to visualization wish he'd hire somebody to update his website though he never seems to get around to it himself. Any way.. here is a earlier work of mine... book cover style.

Bail-out add

The BEAST does it for me agian..   thanks guys, my sentiments exactly.

Zorastrian, Summerian, Babaloyian whats the difference?

So I did this one about a week ago for a book I'm working on. The Raising of the Blood Golem:

Virgin To Maid

Here, finally here, after wrestling around with this god-forsaken interface. I Don't know what it is about Blogger -ever since I had an infuriating time making a blog for an art class in college- this website has shat all over my flaccid attempts at blogging . Anyway, I hope to make a meaningful blog this time with Glorious and Unparalleled art to attract employers from the world over( even in the midst of a world wide economic meltdown ) So I dedicate this blog to dreams that always seem with in scraping distance and the jewels buried in history like bloodstones Forgotten under so much sod and debris. I  now christene this Blog Lapsarian Desero on it's maiden after all the children god forgot. My, my what an emo-fuck I am.

(If you can't tell I'm a sucker for Mellow Drama, heh, such a sucker!)