Saturday, December 20, 2008

Found an old one

 Runnen through my old images found a cool character concept: Far flung in the future Sideek, assassin for a secret society based on Titan. Her and her AI master Radloft are tasked with hunting down and returning a rhoge AI program embedded in the protaganists brain. This was a comic I was working on long time ago and other things got in the way. I should probably start doing a little more of it agian. Oh yeah, thats a Vibro Katana she's holding. Perhaps as geeky as a mono Katana....(for those unversed in Cyberpunk esoteria mono=honed to an egde of a single molocule. Similar to obsidian an igneous rock usally found..... I'm rambaling agian.) The one above Sideek is another one for my pleasure: SPACE BATTLE, is what I's calls it.  

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