Thursday, December 18, 2008

Geniuses all of em

Thinking about shit.... dusted off my old Magic cards. Think I'll see them since I need a little extra money ended up being curious about what Wizards were doing now a days. They have one incredible site, beautiful work, free webcomic and really kick-ass if slightly archtypeal characters. Visual though...astonishing. This being their "PlanesWalker" idea in some shattered plane of existence in some remote corner of the astral void I suppose. Got to see some more of Aleksi Briclot's my favorite artist of all time, he frick'en stellar. His work gets better every time I see it. Recently saw some work of his.. looked like he was influenced a little by Scott M. Fisher or Jon Foster. One of'em. Foster and Fisher both have this knack to weave super strong or super bright elements into there compositions dam hard thing to do and not readily notice it. Its like all these rules of aesthetics and structure are all so apparent in other artists works but these 2 guys lay it down and hide it so everything fits together like a masterwork violin. "Rule bending" is what I call it. These guys are pros at it. I try to recreate it in my own work with limited success. Any way my point was Aleksi's work seems to have been leaning in that direction recently. Kudos to him he's a friggen bad ass when it comes to visualization wish he'd hire somebody to update his website though he never seems to get around to it himself. Any way.. here is a earlier work of mine... book cover style.

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