Thursday, December 18, 2008

Virgin To Maid

Here, finally here, after wrestling around with this god-forsaken interface. I Don't know what it is about Blogger -ever since I had an infuriating time making a blog for an art class in college- this website has shat all over my flaccid attempts at blogging . Anyway, I hope to make a meaningful blog this time with Glorious and Unparalleled art to attract employers from the world over( even in the midst of a world wide economic meltdown ) So I dedicate this blog to dreams that always seem with in scraping distance and the jewels buried in history like bloodstones Forgotten under so much sod and debris. I  now christene this Blog Lapsarian Desero on it's maiden after all the children god forgot. My, my what an emo-fuck I am.

(If you can't tell I'm a sucker for Mellow Drama, heh, such a sucker!) 

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