Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, the new one is coming along. Its almost done (I think) maybe another 5 hours or so. I was hoping to finish it in a two 8 hour days, ah se la vi. Unfortunatly I think I'm coming down with a stomach flu or something, feels like I have brick in my stomach I hope this passes quickly. I need to get into Richmond to pay my rent in the apartment I don't live in. God what a wreck my life is- whatever- if I don't get sick I won't have to shit my pants all the way to Richmond. I'm going to post some more prelems for votive figures- its part of the way I work. I do a really fast loose sketch and find out what I want in an image and the basic focal points and story elements and then I do more defined sketches of every element in the painting but I don't put it together until I start doing an underpainting- mothing agrivates me more than a predetermined piece of art work. It is ture that I am risking compisitional instabilty and extra work but the character and enviroment get to grow and evolve so much more when I'm not "painting  by numbers" as an professor called. (Man did I want to rip her head off. In my mind I was preparing for a career as in an illustrator something those hapless slaves to history couldn't understand-all the good it did me.) Anyway despite all my whining and grumbling whe was right but not in the wat she nor I expected. That turned out to be a rant.  

I know I was supposed to do seven figures. I decided to let the last one be a suprise, she is a shape shifter after all and with a name like "Chance" I thought I would leave it up to her.

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  1. Ok - Feel Better - your work awaits you! check out my blog -Phoenix Rising - an appropriate PS to your post...